Welgevonden Private Game Reserve is one of South Africa’s most exclusive Big 5 game reserves and comprises 37,000 hectares of diverse landscapes in the heart of the rich ecosystem of the Waterberg District in Limpopo. The reserve first became a conservation area in 1993, consolidating a number of private farms, removing internal fences, translocating large numbers of wildlife and gradually returning this area to its original natural state.

Welgevonden is malaria free and just a 3-hour drive or 45-minute flight from Johannesburg, making it one of South Africa’s most accessible premier wilderness reserves. With no private vehicles allowed in the reserve and just a handful of secluded lodges, most of which allow a maximum of ten guests, Welgevonden is also one of South Africa’s most exclusive reserves. There are 50 mammal species inside the park, including all of the Big 5, and more than 300 birds, all of which can be viewed against the stunning backdrop of the Waterberg.

The wet season sets in at roughly the beginning of November and runs until around late March, bringing with it great birding and beautiful greenery. The dry season is roughly between April and October and is generally considered to be the best time to see big game, while the air temperature is also a little cooler.

Welgevonden offers some of the most exclusive, intimate and sustainable luxury camps and lodges in South Africa, all of which sit on their own freehold of this vast reserve and with access to the whole sanctuary. First rate fine dining, world class wines and top-notch service are a feature at all of Welgevondens lodges. Just have a browse at our selection of Welgevonden specials below.

Welgevonden is home to the full pantheon of iconic African megafauna, including all of the Big 5 and a few rarer species like the brown hyena, cheetah and honey badger. There are also an astonishing 350 bird species in this area of incredibly rich biodiversity, as well as more than 2,000 plant species to be found across the various unspoilt habitats.