The West Coast & surrounds region is home to a diverse number of environments of ecological importance. Spanning the Swartland, Saldanha, Berg River, Cederberg and Namaqua regions, this scenic western corner of the country is blessed with many hundreds of kilometres of unspoiled coastline and straddles both the Western and Northern Cape.

Visiting this area can return some of the best experience South Africa has to offer. From witnessing the spectacular annual display of spring flowers in the Namaqualand, to camping out in the picturesque Cederberg mountains and walking along the rugged beaches of Paternoster, there is a little something for everybody here.

There are events and natural displays at various times of the year. For the Namaqua flower show, August and September are great months to visit, whereas during the winter months one may take to the various wine farms studded around the Swartland area to snuggle up alongside a log fire with a glass of red. Visiting during the summer months makes for ideal beach getaways.

Accommodation in the West Coast & surrounds comes in many different forms. Closer to the coast there are beachside hotels and B&B’s to be found, including seasonal camps amongst the Namaqua flowers. Further inland there are elegant country lodges, resorts and mountain retreats.

Over 3500 species of vegetation are found in the Northern Cape stretch of the West Coast alone, with the veld coming alive during the spring with hundreds of coloured flowers. Aside from the brilliant flora, this region is teeming with a wide array of wildlife including an impressive number of marine birds.