As South Africa’s largest and most affluent city, Johannesburg lies less than an hour away from the country’s administrative capital of Pretoria. Both are two of the most populated cities in the country’s smallest province, Gauteng.

From world-class restaurants, first-rate shopping malls and a plethora of historic and cultural activities, the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria attract thousands of tourists a year; owing to the wealth of attractions and places of interest around these two hubs.

Blessed with a mild climate including temperatures that don’t differ too much from season to season, this region buzzes around December and January when schools and universities come to a close. Spring is also a great time to visit as the cities are quieter with a gradual change in season bringing about a mass of veld flowers.

Johannesburg, in particular, has it all for every kind budget. 5-star hotels can be found in the more affluent suburbs while cosy, country lodges and resorts dot the countryside and surrounds.

Despite the region being highly urbanized, there are still hordes of interesting flowers and plants to be viewed especially around the Blesbokspruit wetlands. As far as fauna goes, there are some exciting, yet endangered, animals residing in the area including the Straw-coloured Fruit Bat, Blue Crane and the Nile Crocodile.