Western Cape Accommodation Specials

Situated on the south-western coast of the country, the province is the southern-most tip of Africa and is the fourth largest of the nine provinces. This area offers everything from spectacular mountains to white sandy beaches, cities, quaint fishing villages and small towns – all bringing something unique to the Western Cape.

The long history of humankind in the Western Cape is possibly preserved here better than in any other region in the country. This is demonstrated by ancient Bushmen paintings found in the Cederberg at Kagga Kamma.
The green belt on the south-eastern coastline of South Africa is known as the Garden Route; with its lush forests, abundant lakes, lagoons and pristine Indian Ocean beaches. The Garden Route is recorded to have the mildest climate in South Africa, and the second mildest in the world after Hawaii.

For thrill-seekers, the Western Cape hosts the world’s highest commercial bungee jump! Within the Karoo, you’ll find towns with plenty of stories and characters, as well as unspoilt reserves and sanctuaries, housing an exciting array of wildlife.

Over 50% of all cheese in South Africa is produced in the Western Cape, and of course the wine! As the most extensive wine producing region in South Africa, the Western Cape is famous for wine production and some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world.
A maritime climate and accompanying vegetation can be found in the coastal regions with cold, wet winters and warm, dry summers. Much of the remainder of the land to the north has a Mediterranean climate changing to semi-arid farther north.

Inland daily maximum temperatures usually range from 20 °C in winter and up to 32 °C during summer months.
Accommodation options range from rustic and character-filled to luxurious 5-star hotels and upscale resorts and golf courses. Whatever your taste, the Western Cape has a flavour for every palate. Find all our Western Cape accommodation specials below.
The vegetation is also incredibly diverse, with one of the world’s seven floral kingdoms almost exclusively endemic to the province, namely the Cape Floral Kingdom, most of which is covered by Fynbos.

With more plant species occurring on Table Mountain than in the entire United Kingdom, these evergreen habitats are extremely rich in species diversity. It is characterised by a number of types of shrubs, thousands of flowering plant species and various grasses.

Karoo drought-resistant shrubbery dominates the arid interior. The West Coast and Little Karoo are semi-arid regions and are typified by many species of succulents and drought-resistant shrubs and acacia trees.

The Garden Route on the south coast is incredibly lush, with temperate rainforest covering many areas adjacent to the beach, in broad river valleys and along the southern slopes of the Outeniqua mountain range. Typical species are hardwoods of exceptional height, such as Yellowwood, Stinkwood and Ironwood trees.

There are even two permanent colonies of penguins found on the coast, with frequent visits from southern right whales.

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