Boots on the Ground – Africa’s Unsung Heroes

Not all hope for humanity is lost! This inspiring story explores some of Africa’s unsung heroes fighting on the side of our wildlife. In the last decade, the fight against poaching and animal cruelty has been in the international spotlight more than ever, but what about the dedicated soldiers who protect and preserve?

With a large number of organisations and movements fighting against the dangers of extinction – there are so many people to give thanks to – and no one does it better than Boots on the Ground (BoG), a non-profit organisation telling the tales of the inspirational men and women fighting-the-good-fight on the front-line.

This remarkable NGO strives to protect the irreplaceable lives of iconic wildlife species, preserving the animal kingdom and ensuring a brighter future for all.

Located near the Kruger National Park, their programmes involve getting down and dirty with hands-on fieldwork, collecting and documenting data, educational workshops, monitoring iconic species, and so much more.

But, how do they do this exactly? Well, get the popcorn ready, switch off the lights and see it for yourself through BoG’s latest creation.

BoG is releasing an in-depth documentary that allows you to explore the heart-rending stories and efforts of these soldiers of fortune. It allows you to step into the lives of the dedicated men and women – known as Boots – that act as the last standing barrier between our precious wildlife and the unforgiving poaching industry. It includes the stories of those individuals working in anti-poaching, veterinary fields, and even private rhino owners.

The production and filming of the documentary started in 2016 and entered the final phase of editing earlier this year. An exact release date is still to be confirmed, but production is rolling-out at full speed. Take a sneak peek at this goosebump-inducing review!

By combining these heartfelt stories, the documentary aims to be the voice of the unheard. BoG hopes to take their final step by heading off to a series of film festivals in the Northern Hemisphere to share their creation, spread awareness and promote change.

BoG shows us that it is not only for the sake of our beautiful and endangered wildlife but for the sake of the future generations to come! So, dance to the tune of the unsung heroes.

Show them your support and help make a difference. Check out the BoG website to find out more about them and to help defend our future.


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