10 Ways to Send Sparks Flying on Safari!

Not just the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but rather all you could ask for while on a romantic sojourn. Whether it be an anniversary, romantic weekend away, or even honeymoon – the African bush allows you escape, just the two of you, surrounded by the sights and sounds

10 Reasons to fall-in-love with South Africa this Valentine’s Day

Each year, the month of February sees the commercial influx of heart-shaped things, red things, pink things, roses and – of course – chocolate! But Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love. Not just as an excuse for single people – use this month to celebrate everything YOU love! Escape with family or friends,

Game Changer: Make or break for the classic safari?

In the African bush – every moment is a gamble. Those of us who’ve been there know the excitement of suddenly coming across a monumental elephant, or that heart-stopping moment when you spy a flash of spots on a golden canvas. It’s all a bit of a treasure hunt really – but what if someone

It’s (off)Spring Time

Nothing can melt your heart as easily as a baby anything. Even pink and squishy – there is something about a baby animal that brings our maternal and paternal emotions pouring out! Even when something is so ugly that it’s cute. Spring has sprung in Southern Africa, and baby season is upon us. With oodles

Success stories and strategies to help save our endangered animals

It’s Endangered Species Day today, Friday the 19th of May 2017. And with wildlife so very close to our hearts at Specials4Africa, we’re backing the ‘laws of attraction’ theory and giving out a good dose of positive thinking around this issue – we can only be proactive and positive – there is no space for a defeatist attitude in this arena! But, if I’m honest about it, while...

Bush baby

As parents, there are certain situations in our children’s lives that we plan for and anticipate, and, with the help of a dog-eared, tea-stained copy of Parenting 101, have somehow managed to navigate and survive. You know, the first roll over (cushions strategically placed at the ready), first trip to the mall (look at you go, collapsing the stroller and holding baby while keeping the eggs...

Experiencing Madikwe According To Your Budget

Many South Africans believe that Madikwe is overpriced, but sadly this is a great misconception and it is indeed possible to enjoy Madikwe on a budget - if you know where to travel and when. Yes, there are luxury and ultra-luxury lodges within the reserve that suit the spend of overseas guests, but there are a few gems that locals will find worth the superb safari experience in a malaria-free...

Visit the Entabeni Conservancy this summer

The ‘Place of the Mountain’ is truly a South African treasure. Entabeni Safari Conservancy is located in the Waterberg Biosphere World Heritage site and is a malaria-free, Big 5 reserve that comprises over 22 000ha of pristine land. Natural diversity within Entabeni is impressive, with over 55 large mammal species and 380 bird species to be found. Notable and frequent sightings include...

History of the Kruger National Park

  For many wildlife lovers, the Kruger National Park is the ultimate go-to location for great sightings and outdoor experiences under unpolluted night skies. But, a great deal of visitors are unaware of the park’s history; how it came to be such an icon and national treasure – not to mention one of South Africa’s most popular tourism destinations. Before the Kruger This...

The Madikwe Rare Bird Checklist

Birdwatching is a highly rewarding pastime. But searching for rare bird species is even more of an adrenaline rush. There is something special about having an encounter with a rare bird, the more elusive inhabitants of the wild. Many of us go might not even realize we are in the presence of an infrequent species, but, more often than not, sightings of such birds are based on pure luck. To be a...
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