Boots on the Ground – Africa’s Unsung Heroes

Not all hope for humanity is lost! This inspiring story explores some of Africa’s unsung heroes fighting on the side of our wildlife. In the last decade, the fight against poaching and animal cruelty has been in the international spotlight more than ever, but what about the dedicated soldiers who protect and preserve? With a

Understanding Fully-Inclusive vs. Private-Use Lodges

You’re planning a grand getaway with family and friends. The excitement stirs, and you go online to start looking for the right accommodation. You bear in mind that it will have to accommodate a larger group of people, as well as your budget. So far, you’ve ruled out camping – too high-maintenance. Guesthouses – not

5 Great Reasons for a Girl’s Getaway!

We all know the most obvious reason for a girl’s weekend away – FUN! However, there are so many more reasons for this type of vacay! No matter your age, gender or ambitions in life, if you are human – the chances are that you’re going to need some quality relaxation time at some stage.


Imagine a time where rhinos, elephants and other species of our beloved animals of Africa become nothing more than a memory or a fireside story. Extinction lasts forever and can’t be reversed. The time to do something is now while these wonderful creatures still roam the earth, and thankfully – the world’s advances in modern

10 Ways to Send Sparks Flying on Safari!

Not just the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but rather all you could ask for while on a romantic sojourn. Whether it be an anniversary, romantic weekend away, or even honeymoon – the African bush allows you escape, just the two of you, surrounded by the sights and sounds

10 Reasons to fall-in-love with South Africa this Valentine’s Day

Each year, the month of February sees the commercial influx of heart-shaped things, red things, pink things, roses and – of course – chocolate! But Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love. Not just as an excuse for single people – use this month to celebrate everything YOU love! Escape with family or friends,

Game Changer: Make or break for the classic safari?

In the African bush – every moment is a gamble. Those of us who’ve been there know the excitement of suddenly coming across a monumental elephant, or that heart-stopping moment when you spy a flash of spots on a golden canvas. It’s all a bit of a treasure hunt really – but what if someone

It’s (off)Spring Time

Nothing can melt your heart as easily as a baby anything. Even pink and squishy – there is something about a baby animal that brings our maternal and paternal emotions pouring out! Even when something is so ugly that it’s cute. Spring has sprung in Southern Africa, and baby season is upon us. With oodles

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