5 Great Reasons for a Girl’s Getaway!

We all know the most obvious reason for a girl’s weekend away – FUN! However, there are so many more reasons for this type of vacay!

No matter your age, gender or ambitions in life, if you are human – the chances are that you’re going to need some quality relaxation time at some stage. In honour of Women’s Month, we’ve compiled our top 5 reasons why a weekend escape with your girls is a necessary, value-added and inspiring experience.



Taking a break from the familiar faces and places of everyday routine is not only a good escape for anyone but a great way to press ‘refresh’ on your inspiration and motivation to put the spring back in your step. You know… The one that’s been hiding under piles of admin, paperwork, and 25-hours-worth of meetings a day.



Life gets busy, and it can become overwhelming – especially when trying to balance being a home-maker, bread-winner, mom and carer. Having a girl’s weekend away is a fantastic way to maintain and grow those friendships close to you. These relationships are just as important as maintaining a romantic relationship. You need to find the balance between work, family, and your social life to avoid neglecting those who really matter.



A weekend away sounds like the perfect personal treat, right? True! But for those with partners and children – a weekend away can actually be beneficial for the whole family!

Spending some time away from the family creates some prime bonding time for your partner and kids.

You could also use this opportunity to teach some valuable life lessons like the importance of friendship, and the importance of maintaining these relationships.

The time spent apart and away from your family, often reminds you of how much you appreciate and love them.

On your return – hugs, smiles and excitement will leave you feeling appreciated and special.



A weekend away with the girls is not just a literal break from your daily routines, but also a mental break from life! It’s a time where you can put all your responsibilities aside and relax, leaving your mind, body and spirit rejuvenated.

At the same time – you can reboot your mental, physical and emotional strength to handle the every-day-things that life throws at you.



Let’s face it, and you just can’t substitute girl talk with family talk – even though it’s equally important. A girl needs what a girl needs. That is raw, unfiltered, honest and bashful blabber with her girls – something that you can all relate to on a deeper level while filling the echoing hills with never-ending laughter.


Taking the time to take care of yourself and nurture those special connections in your life is not just a fun vacay – but just as equally beneficial! Improve your quality of life, maintain your happiness, and never forget the value of friends.

By treating yourself to a girl’s-gabby-getaway, you can maintain your happiness while sharing your joy with the people you love. Life is not just to be lived, but to be enjoyed. Take advantage of every moment to become the best version of YOU!

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