10 Reasons to fall-in-love with South Africa this Valentine’s Day

Each year, the month of February sees the commercial influx of heart-shaped things, red things, pink things, roses and – of course – chocolate! But Valentine’s Day is not only about romantic love.

Not just as an excuse for single people – use this month to celebrate everything YOU love! Escape with family or friends, your spouse or first love. Or, why not love YOURSELF this Valentine’s Day and celebrate with a well-deserved weekend of rest and relaxation?

What do we love this Valentine’s Day? We LOVE South Africa! There’s no need to scuttle-off to a tropical island or some exotic location in exchange for 6 months’ bond payments. Everything you need is right here!


1. Wildlife

No – we don’t have lions as pets or ride elephants to school, but we sure do have an epic selection of wildlife in our midst. Globally, we’ve got everyone’s childhood favourites; from our parents who watched 1962’s Hatari!, to us growing up with our very own The Lion King, and our kids watching Madagascar. There’s not shortage of entertaining wildlife here.

2. Food

South Africa offers a crazy concoction of food styles from all over the world. Starting with a plethora of local cultures, South Africa has also gained food trends and traditions from back in the colonial era. Portuguese, German, Cape Malay. It all adds to the mixing pot of braai vleis, potjie, chakalaka and bunny chow – which all inevitably revolves around… Meat! If you’re more of a leafy green kind of person, don’t panic; the wide selection of vegan and vegetarian eateries will keep you smiling and satisfied with everything from chia seed smoothies to avo and cacao mousse.

3. Wine

Need we say more on the topic?

4. The Outdoors

With such a vast array of landscapes, SA offers every kind of adventure from scuba diving to skiing, hiking to surfing, mountain biking and so, so much more! Why pay to go all the way to the Alps when you can drive to the Drakensberg? Other than for the current water crisis – Cape Town’s Table Mountain alone offers you abseiling, hiking, kloofing, paragliding, mountain biking, horse riding and of course a one-of-a-kind view point.

5. Culture

Rightfully nicknamed the Rainbow Nation – SA chats in 11 official languages. Not to mention the cultures that they come with. This is reflected in our cuisine, fashion, architecture, politics, and people. You can experience a culture that’s new to you at least every day of the week!

6. History

From the Cradle of Mankind to the Long Walk to Freedom, South Africa’s 1.22 million square-kilometres hold a rich history of conflict, peace, beginnings and ends. For all the history buffs out there, you can visit battle fields, museums, wrecks and ruins from the centuries that make up what our proud country is today.

7. Sunshine

Sunny South Africa is the place to be outdoors, and the immaculate weather makes it easily possible. Sunshine doesn’t just let you enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer – but its good for you! Looking for a good dose of Vitamin D? Head out to the beaches of the KwaZulu-Natal Coast which average over 300 days of sunshine a year!

8. Scenery

South Africa offers a blend of landscapes and scenery to please the eye on any visitor, local or hopeful traveller. The variety offers ocean shores, mountains, forests, deserts, lakes and rivers, and so much more that you never imagined. Why would you ever want to leave?

9. Off-road

For all the love of the outdoors, sunshine, and changing landscapes – 4x4ing is one of our favourite past times. Don’t stick to the well-travelled path. Pack your two-toned and go on an adventure!

10. Value for Money

The South African Rand has been in a drastic phase of fluctuating for a while now – making it much easier for tourists to enjoy our leisure with their great exchange rates – but… did you know that consumer prices in SA average about 50% LOWER in comparison to places like the UK and US. Our Rand might not win the international strong-man war, but we get way more bang for our buck!



Amakhosi Safari Lodge: 8/10 reasons

Casa do Sol Hotel & Resort: 7/10 reasons

Chisomo Safari Camp: 8/10 reasons

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